No B.S.
Property Investment.

It’s simple - we source, renovate, and rent your buy-to-let properties for you.

Straightforward. Profitable. Easy.

Peace of mind every step of the way

We do the heavy lifting to make achieving your goals hassle-free

Tailored for you

We help you to set specific investment goals, just for you, so that you can achieve your vision.

Your investment concierge

We manage the entire property investment process from conception to completion so that you can focus on other things.

Expert execution

We never cut corners, and only utilise specialist professionals, to deliver your properties to the highest level of quality.

Tax efficiency

We help you to structure your property portfolio in the most tax efficient way ensuring you keep as much of your earnings as possible.


We make every effort to ensure our properties are as energy efficient as possible because we understand that we have a duty not only to to our planet but to your tenants as well.

Build your legacy

We understand that part of the goal of investing is the ability to not only have a better quality of life now but to also leave something behind and help to make this happen.

Our No B.S. process

Producing consistent and repeatable results for you


Brief & Goals

Initial meetings with you to determine your goals, agree the right portfolio structure, and understand your expectations.
1 week
+ You

Property Sourcing

Reaching out to our extensive network of on and off market contacts to secure a property according to your brief.
1 - 2 weeks

Due Diligence & Purchasing

Helping to progress your sales transaction and arrange all of your admin associated with your mortgage. All of the due diligence including professional reports and solifdifying your budget happen at the same time.
5 - 6 weeks
+ partner solicitors and mortgage brokers


As soon as your property purchase completes we start the refurbishment on the property and send updates along the way.
8 - 10 weeks


During the renovation process we will liaise with our lettings partner and start advertising the property, securing high quality tenants, and arranging tenant agreements before the renovation is complete. The idea is that your tenants move in as soon as the property is ready so that you start earning money immediately.
1 - 4 weeks
+ partner management agents


It's time to bring the property to life with high quality furnishings made right here in the UK. We stage the property and get it professionally photographed, too.
1 week

Refinance & Equity Release

After your property is beautifully renovated we will get it surveyed again to its new value which will release cash back to you leaving as little money in the deal so that you can invest again!
3 - 4 weeks
+ partner solicitors and mortgage brokers


+ You
* Each investment project is unique, time estimates are for illustration purposes only.

Built on values


Nearly a decade ago, I invested all of my personal savings into my very first buy-to-let property. It wasn’t much, and the process was fraught with difficulty and hardship.

I was alone in my endeavour, but I persevered and learned first-hand the ins-and-outs of property investment.

Ten years later, and not only do I have a thriving property portfolio of my own, but I have helped 100s of clients on their property investment journey.

Thankfully they didn’t have to go through the same trials as me.

I created Enfortitude to help clients invest in property my way : with all of my experience, with courage to make difficult decisions, and by making achieving financial goals a fun process!

I’m looking forward to hearing about your investment goals, and helping you to achieve your dreams.
Stephanie Morgan

Property investment in the hottest locations

For high yields and sustained profits



20 year property price increase (2001-2021)
Versus +176% UK average


5 year property price increase (2016-2021)
Versus +23.5% UK average


1 year property price increase (June 2021-June 2022)
Versus +7.8% UK average


State of mind, acting courageously in the face of difficulty, doing what’s right no matter what.